WSJ: IAC/InterActiveCorp Close to Acquiring Ask Jeeves

Note: see updated post, Official: IAC/InterActive Corp To Acquires Ask Jeeves.

According to a just published article in the Wall Street Journal, Ask Jeeves is set to be acquired by Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp for about $2 billion in stock.

The Wall Street Journal article is only available to subscribers but highlights are available in these posts from Dow Jones and

+ According to the WSJ, the deal could be announced as early as today. However, “exact details of the deal weren’t available…and the transaction could still fall apart at the last minute.”

+ Officials for AJ and IAC are not commenting.

+ Other IAC/InterActiveCorp properties include Expedia, CitySearch, Ticketmaster, eVite, and

+ Worth noting: Ask Jeeves Local (launched last year) is powered with data from IAC’s CitySearch.

While we’re talking Ask Jeeves, Matt Hicks takes a look at some new “Teoma like” refinement features (Teoma’s founder calls them “navigation through concepts” that will go live on the AJ site in the next few weeks. The technology was demonstrated last week at the ETech Conference. The article doesn’t mention if the site will continue to offer what’s presently available or also offer these new features. Whatever the case, I do hope they’ll also continue to offer the “Resources” section that has been part of a Teoma results page since the site first went live. Using the Resources section is a great way to find “link rich” (aka meta) pages.

The article also mentions that Jeeves will soon launch “Ask Jeeeves Alpha” a site where they’ll offer the public a chance to test new services.

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