BlowSearch Offers Source Exclusion; When Will The Majors Do The Same?

Another Search Engine Strategies, and another show where I heard plenty of advertisers asking yet again for the ability to pick and choose exactly where their ads show up,
when they buy into the search networks run by Google & Yahoo. Please, sir, may I have some exclusion? As usual, neither of the majors offered any hope of this. Is it beyond
the capabilities of those two giants to offer source exclusion? No, it’s just something they continue to choose not to do.

Tiny European-based search provider Mirago managed to make source exclusion happen way back in 2003, as we
mentioned when giving them an honorable mention in the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch awards. Now
little BlowSearch emails us to say that its new PPC program offers source exclusion as well. The program already is accepting

BlowSearch also says that advertisers can enter the IP address of competitors to prevent competitors from seeing those ads. I’d also assume that this means you could block
any IP address at all you wish to block, not just competitors. That would be useful if you find a lot of clicks from a particular source appearing to be fraudulent or
low-converting. ROI tracking is also being offered.

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