People Search: Eliyon Becomes

People search company Eliyon is now They have a new search interface and have launched three new advanced search options. The service is well worth a look, but be aware that the technology still needs improvement.

ZoomInfo, under the old Eliyon name, has offered both free and fee-based people searching for about four years. Here are reviews from 2001 and 2002.

More recently, I’ve blogged about them several times including A Look at a Few Boston Area Search Companies and this post, Adds People, where I point out that Zoominfo/Eliyon provides the same data to and Lycos People Search. They also offer their database on the HighBeam Research site.

Today, Forever Famous from Newsweek looks at the relaunched service and examines some of its features, such as the ability to edit your profile, as well as some of the privacy issues raised.

Postscript: See also Eliyon Renamed Zoom Information with New Consumer-Oriented Strategy to Match from Information Today for an update on the service.

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