Yahoo Posts Ad Guidelines & Ad API Info

Yahoo has posted new guidelines about what’s acceptable in its search advertising plus some information about its long-standing API system for advertisers.

In my Overture Says No To Guns, Sort Of post, I explained how Yahoo needed to assemble an easy guide to
what allowed — and what’s not — in search ads. The new Unacceptable Content page from Yahoo now provides
this guidance. FYI, Google posted a similar guide last year, as explained more in my Google Posts New Ad

I’ve also written about the Yahoo API offered to advertisers, something that hasn’t been documented on the Yahoo or Overture sites. They’ve corrected that now, and the new
Overture Web Services page provides more info.

For further background, see my The Overture API: Advertiser Web Services post. Also see the
Yahoo Search Makes APIs Publicly Available post for info about the new API that taps into Yahoo Search,
rather than Yahoo’s advertising system.

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