Building The Yahoo Brand Around the World

In the article: Yahoo-Uber Brand, BusinessWeek’s Ben Elgin takes a look at what Yahoo is doing to build their brand outside of the U.S.

What’s clear, though, is that Yahoo’s efforts will revolve around extending its own core brand. To achieve this, Yahoo hopes to emanate the same wacky vibe that pervades its yodel-filled domestic ads. The key, says [Cammie] Dunaway, [Yahoo’s chief marketing officer], is to do things nobody has done before, often with an edgy approach. In Taiwan, Yahoo launched an ad campaign where users gleaned clues off the Web and billboards to discover who got a fictional supermodel pregnant. And in France, Yahoo hosted late night evenings at supermarkets where singles could pick up a Yahoo purple basket to demonstrate their willingness to meet someone. “You have to work hard…to engage [customers] in your marketing,” Dunaway says.

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