and Other Job Verticals Profiled in NY Times

You mean another article about vertical search tool? Ubetcha!

From my researcher perspective, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen from since first blogging about the service in December. This employment listings vertical/federated service aggregates results from many job databases, company web sites, messages boards, etc. Their RSS/email news alerts work very well and they also offer an interesting “jobs postings per capita” map. Today’s New York Times article: Online Searchers for Job Seekers offers a profile of, which offically launches today.

WorkZoo and, two other recent startups offering a federated database of job openings, are also mentioned in the article.

The article points out an issue for these and other federated search tools, will the providers of the underlying databases (HotJobs and Monster for example) continue to aggregate results from their services?

Again, from the searcher perspective, if used properly tools like and the others can save the searcher time and potentially offer them a more comprehensive search. The database providers win by getting traffic they might not receive if the searcher would be using one database at a time.

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