InfoSpace Plans to Launch New Mobile Search Engine

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that along with vertical engine, currently the “next” big thing, that mobile search/info retrieval is very rapidly becoming the next “next” big thing. We’ve blogged about many new services over the past few months from established names (Google and Yahoo) along with new companies like, FeedBeep, and

In the current issue of The Puget Sound Business, Jeff Meisner takes a look at what Infospace is planning to offer in the mobile space. His article is titled, Next wave for InfoSpace: cell phone surfing.

Meisner reports that InfoSpace will launch a new mobile search tool in the next 12 months that can be searched either via typing your query or voice recognition. The company also plans to offer new location based services but specifics are not mentioned in the article. Last week I blogged about Nextel and MapQuest now offering location based (via GPS) mapping and local info. Infospace still hasn’t decided how the new search tool will be branded.

The company already offers several mobile tools available from many mobile providers and is a major player in the ringtone market.

“The holy grail of InfoSpace Mobile over the next five years is to translate the search and directory services we have on the Web to the 170 million cell phone users in North America,” said InfoSpace CEO Jim Voelker.

Chris is quoted in the article.

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