Refining Searches with Contextual Analysis

Most search engines offer refinement tools, suggesting different or additional search terms to try if your current query isn’t doing the job. But all of these tools are limited to just a few words, and don’t really help you articulate the “big picture” of the overall concept of your search.

Enter Aware, a new search application that queries Google, MSN, Yahoo and a few other engines, and attempts to understand the context of search results that you view, gradually putting together a profile of relevant terms and concepts that it uses to further refine your search results. The program also provides tools that allow you to add your own rankings to search results and assign positive or negative weights to search terms. Today’s SearchDay article, Making Your Searches More Contextually Aware, reviews Aware, describing the strengths and weaknesses of this interesting approach to putting more power into the hands of the searcher.

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