CGI Holding Buys More, Changing Name To Think Partnership

CGI Holding Corporation, the company of many search marketing brands, has gained additional ones recently and will undergo a name change to Think

CGI Holding is the parent company of online marketing firm WebSourced, which
in turn operates the search marketing division of Search Engine Lowdown’s Andy Beal is VP
of search marketing for both of those units.

CGI Holdings Continues Buying Spree from ClickZ looks at how CGI has acquired Smart
Interactive, the two-person UK-based search marketing firm headed by Mike Grehan. It’s the second time Grehan has hooked up with a large, US-based firm. He’d
joined iProspect in November 2003 but
departed a few months later. CGI provides additional details on the acquisition in the press

The ClickZ story looks at some other recent acquisitions, including the purchase of affiliate marketer KowaBunga Marketing and an intention to buy
another affiliate player, PrimaryAds. More details also in this ClickZ story about those purchases, WebSourced Adds Affiliate
, plus this announcement via Search Engine Lowdown.

CGI is still working through another purchase, that of merging with Proceed Interactive. It also
hired Heather Lloyd-Martin who ran her own small SEM shop in December.

CGI changed its AMEX stock symbol earlier this month to THK, for Think Partnership, the name it
to have shareholders approve. From company CEO Gerald M Jacobs, in a press release about the move:

"We have chosen the new name Think Partnership Inc. because our Company is a collaborative partnership of entrepreneurs and proven business leaders who
are demonstrating innovation and execution in some very exciting Internet sectors. Ben Jennings and I, and the dynamic entrepreneurs who lead our operating companies — Pat
Martin of WebSourced; Scott and Kristi Mitchell and Paul Widisky of Cherish; Steve Thanhauser, Lewis Finch and Greg Cox of MarketSmart; and Rick Anderson of Ozline — are
deeply committed to building our Company based upon the principles of decentralized management, collaboration and mutual respect among partners, aggressive growth both
internally and via acquisitions, the delivery of highly professional services to our clients, and profitability for the mutual benefit of our employees and shareholders. We
want our future merger partners and employees to ‘think partnership’ in every aspect of our businesses, so we have adopted that mantra as our new corporate name."

If approved, it will be the third name for the company. Before being known as CGI Holding Corporation, it was formerly called North Star Petroleum, Inc, according to the
company’s history profile.

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