Winners Of 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards Announced

The votes have been counted, the editors have deliberated, and Yahoo has won the Outstanding Search Service category in the 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards, breaking
Google’s four year streak. But Google wins in several other categories: Best News Search Engine, Best US Shopping Search Engine, Most SEO/Webmaster Friendly Search Provider
and Best Search Ads Provider. A summary of all awards in each category is below. For a long rundown with details about the awards, comments and more, please see the
5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards page.

Outstanding Search Service
Winner: Yahoo
Second Place: Google
Honorable Mention: Ask Jeeves

Best Meta Search Engine
Winner: Jux2
Second Place: Dogpile
Honorable Mention: Clusty & Mamma

Best News Search Engine
Winner: Google News
Second Place: Yahoo News
Honorable Mention: MSN Newsbot & Topix

Best Blog/Feed Search Engine
Winner: Bloglines
Second Place: Feedster
Honorable Mention: Technorati

Best Image Search Engine
Winner: Yahoo Images
Second Place: Google Images
Honorable Mention: Ask Jeeves Pictures & Picsearch

Best US Shopping Search Engine
Winner: Google’s Froogle
Second Place: Yahoo Shopping &
Honorable Mention: PriceGrabber & Shopzilla

Most SEO/Webmaster Friendly Search Provider
Winner: Google
Second Place: Yahoo
Honorable Mention: MSN Search

Best Search Ads Provider
Winner: Google AdWords
Second Place: Yahoo/Overture

Best Search Feature
Honorable Mention:
Clusty’s Clustering, MSN’s Search Builder, Ask Jeeves Binoculars Site Preview, Surfwax LookAhead, Pinpoint Shopping Suggestions, A9 Search History, My
Jeeves, My Yahoo Search, Google Desktop Web History Feature, AOL Snapshots, Ask Jeeves Smart Search, Google OneBox Results, Yahoo Shortcuts

Best Specialty Search Engine
Honorable Mention:
Google Local, Yahoo Local, Google Scholar, Scirus, Citeseer, Librarians’ Index To The Internet

Remember, the 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards page has much more information about the
selections in each category. Want to talk about the awards? Agree? Disagree? Join our forum thread,
Discuss the 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards.

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