UnderGoos, Google Underwear Store, Opens

You may recall I blogged earlier about Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanting to create a
line of Google underwear. Well, it’s happened. UnderGoos (naturally in beta) offers a
of Google-branded undergarments. There’s the Larry, the Sergey — even the GoogleGuy in a slinky black color that cuts a fine look on anyone wearing it. Me being
an Orange County boy, I’m off to order the sexy Santa Ana for my wife.

UnderGoos is being targeted to the UK market first, then will be rolled out worldwide if demand is proven, except for France. Google said it will only enter the French
market if it is first given an official guarantee that it will not be sued by anyone in France nor accosted of pushing Anglo-Saxon clothing.

Given the UK rollout, language on the site is written in UK English, or what my British wife generally refers to as "English the way it’s supposed to be written and spoken,
you stupid plonker." Years of living with her has helped me understand a lot of the lingo, but UnderGoos has helpfully assembled a
guide for the linguistically challenged.

I’m sure some may be wondering if this is all a joke. Well then, explain this ad from Google itself:

Not seeing it? Perhaps that’s because you’re not in the UK. Here, try this URL, which ought to make it come up.

Sadly, an oversight has pointed the ad to the official Google Store, where UnderGoos items are
not yet showing. But watch the space.

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