Google Takes to the Skies and To Your Stomach

For the past three months the SEW editors have been working on a story about several new services that Google has in the works.

What we learned and are still learning even amazed us. While many specifics are still unknown we have enough to finally “go” with the story.

Sometime in Q1 2006 Google will unveil their new “Google Everywhere” program with two services.

While much of this departs from their original goal of “organizing all of the worlds information and making it universally accessible and usable,” the company has been busy crafting a marketing program to relate these services to their original goal.

Google Everywhere will see the company investing in and using its strong brand name, marketing skills, technology, and overall resources in new services that will, in one form or another, use the Google name.

When we first got wind of this in an anonymous email sent to us. It asked to think of an industry that consumers deal with everyday and is known for being just a bit evil. The email went on to hint that it would be an industry that Google, a company dedicated to doing NO evil, planned to get involved in.

After months of research, talking to many people in various professions, Search Engine Watch can reveal that the world’s leading search engine will soon become part of the airline industry. Yes, by this time next year GoogleJet will be taking to the skies. Here’s what we know so far:

+ Internally, the project is known as “supersonic.”

+ Google believes that information and using it correctly often involves bringing people together face-to-face and GoogleJet can help make this happen.

+ The airline will use Google technology for their logistics, customer management, and reservation systems. They hope to market this software in the future.

+ GoogleJet will begin service in selected U.S. and European markets. They plan to offer “shuttle service” between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, and London and Paris.

+ A Google insider who did not wanted to be named told SEW, “Many consumers see the airline industry has pure evil. Most offer bad service, bad food, and uncomfortable seating. We plan to change all of that.” We’ve learned that all planes will have wi-fi access to the web and all passengers will be given free access to laptop computers.

Google plans to make money via several revenue streams.

Of course, the most obvious is to offer good service at low “non-evil” prices but in this environment, that’s not enough.

So, GoogleJet will sell advertising aboard its planes. For example, a flight to San Francisco will contain local ads for restaurants, hotels, and other activities that a traveler might use in that city. Each city will have it’s own advertisers.

GoogleJet will also sell advertising outside of the plane. If this sounds unique, it is. Advertising messages will resemble the message board that you see on the Goodyear Blimp. As planes near airports and taxi to and from gates, planes will show local advertising. For example, a plane flying near LAX will flash ads for neighborhood restaurants, local television stations, medical professionals, and other services.

+ GoogleJet will also offer a frequent traveler program (GoogleMiles), an airport club (GoogleClubHouse), top quality in-flight entertainment (GoogleTunes and GoogleFlicks) and an exclusive first class service called Google TopRank. GoogleMiles members will be able to earn “bonus miles” if they promise to use Google as their only web research tool.

+ Just like at the Googleplex certain GoogleJet flights will be pet friendly.

+ Planes will painted Google’s color scheme. Tails will feature images of Google executives, employees, people who Googlers admire, and users of the site. As to be expected, pictures of Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt will be visible on the first GoogleJet’s to take to the skies. Other planes will feature pictures of Google “role model” and legendary investor, Warren Buffet and Carolyn Smith, an 8th grader in New York City who relies on Google for all of her schoolwork.

+ A Google insider (also wishing to remain anonymous) told SEW that
“GoogleJet will also do no evil by offering top quality, freshly prepared meals, for all passengers.” They went on to say that GoogleJet’s catering will be under direct supervision of Charlie the cook, the head chef at the Googleplex.

While investigating the food services onboard GoogleJet we began learning about the second service that will become part of their Google Everywhere program.

It’s called Foodgle.

Under the direct supervision of Charlie, Google’s legendary chef, the company will begin selling frozen food in local supermarkets. The company has developed technology that will allow boxes to contain local advertising down to the Zip Code of the stores they’re sold in. The freezers where Foodgle is sold will also contain advertising for national advertisers sold on a pay-per-open pricing program.

According to a Google insider, “Everyone has heard about the great food we have at the Googelplex. Now, the entire world can enjoy it.” Yes, if Google isn’t available in a local market, it will be available via mail order.

Google hinted at all of this at their recent analyst day when CFO (Chief Food Officer) spoke to analysts instead of the Chief Financial Officer.

As to what food has to do with information we’ve learned that the company will respond to the question by saying energy derived from food is needed to create the information that Google can provide access to.

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