Babelplex Translates Queries For Google

Need to search for something in a language you don’t know, say "digital cameras" in German? Babelplex lets you enter the words you want
to search for, then pick the language to translate them into, then lets you view the results side-by-side on Google.

For example with the above query, enter "digital camera" into Babelplex, choose to translate from English to German, and the English results from Google show up on the
left-hand side of the screen. On the right side, you’re shown the Google Translate results for "digitale kameras." Push the
Google Search button under that translation, and your German results will appear.

Remember, automated translation is often prone to inaccuracies. Nevertheless, if for some reason you needed a quick way to translate, you might try the tool. You can also
do this directly via Google by making use of the Language Tools link on the Google home page. Enter what you want in the
Translate box, translate it, then you can easily do a Google web search. What Babelplex does that’s different is give you a side-by-side view.

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