Google Joins Yahoo & Ask With Direct Display Of Stock Market Data In Results

Google has joined Yahoo and Ask Jeeves and is now placing a current stock chart and other info directly into search results pages. Previously, you had to click a second time to get to this info.

For example: if you enter the ticker symbol GOOG, you’ll see the current stock price plus today’s chart.

Actually clicking on the GOOG link takes you to a set of financial info “tabs” with info from a variety of sources. Google has offered this information for several years. In fact, use the search syntax stocks:symbol (such as stocks:goog), and you skip web search results and instead go right to the financial info tabs.

Yahoo has already had direct display of stock charts in results, as you can see in this example.

Yahoo offers bit less financial info in the direct display, but they do include a couple of news headlines. If you begin your research at Yahoo Finance and enter a ticker symbol you’ll find even more info. In fact, this is one of the resources that Google ironically draw upon for its Google’s “financial info tabs”.

Ask Jeeves offers Smart Search results box with a current stock chart, most of the same current financial data Google offers, and direct links for news and detailed company info via

This Google Blog posting has more including info about how to access stock quotes via SMS. and Synfonic are two other services that offer stock quotes via SMS.

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