Blinkx 3.0 Goes Live

Blinkx is online today with the release of Blinkx 3.0 (Windows only) that now combines (into a single results list) material from the web, your desktop, Blinkx TV, and other databases. Another new feature is a document preview window with support for more than 200 file formats.

You can read more about Blinkx in the these new articles:

+ Blinkx upgrades search tool (via IDG News)

+ Blinkx carves out new search niche (via the San Jose Mercury News)

To date, Blinkx has no revenue.

But the company is testing different ways of generating advertising with its desktop search software. Another possibility, Chandratillake says, is to receive payments from content producers such as CNN whenever Blinkx searchers go to subscription-only video clips.

In the meantime, Blinkx and its 28 employees are surviving on a $10 million investment from six wealthy angel investors. The company has several announcements planned for this month, including a partnership with a “big” unnamed company.

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