Google: We Do Have A Grand Plan

Living by Google Rules from Newsweek is a revisit to the challenges Google faces against stiff competition.
Revisit? Sure, because we saw these types of articles before last year, as people were dubious about Google’s IPO and worried that Microsoft would simply sweep Google away.
But it’s a good big picture review.

No, Google’s not going after eBay, it says. Yes, it’s still focused on search — spending 70 percent of its time on it — though crucially, that 70 percent effort includes
both paid and unpaid search. What chunk is going to the core web search service, vertical unpaid services like local or its massive fleet of ad reps isn’t disclosed.

Google’s often accused of being scattered, having no grand plan for staying strong it its space? That’s dismissed. "We definitely have a grand plan," says Google Marissa
Mayer, apparently in terms of how all things Google will eventually integrate and support each other.

That plan apparently didn’t include putting ads into Google News, which CEO Eric Schmidt says is why they aren’t there today. OK, ads have managed to be added to other
products that didn’t have them in the past, so you’d think that could happen here, as well.

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