Google’s First Venture Into Television

Soon, getting buzz on Google might also get you a mention on a new web-based television channel.

In the past hour or so, a new web-based TV station called Current (formerly known as INdTV) was introduced in San Francisco. Former Vice President Al Gore (remember when he visited the Googleplex?) is chairman of the network. Gore and and group of investors purchased INdTV from Vivendi in May.

So, where does Google get involved?

Current will use Google search data and Google Zeitgeist lists for “Google Current” segments that will air each half-hour.

From the Current launch press release (PDF format):

Thirty seconds to three minutes in length, these segments buck conventional news practices by reporting not on what media
editors decide is ?news,? but on the topics people are actually searching for right now.

?We?re pleased to collaborate with the entire Current team to help this network make the world?s information more accessible,? said Sergey Brin,
Google?s co-founder and president of Technology.

?Current is an exciting new direction for TV programming that enables any viewer to have the opportunity to broadcast their video to the world,? said Larry Page, Google?s
co-founder and president of Products.

The release also has more details on the service.

No word if the segments will be searchable on Google Video (-:

Current is targeting the 18-34 market and will debut on August 1, 2005.

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