Ars Technica Reviews Desktop Search Tools

Via Greg Linden’s blog, Ars Technica tests and recaps major desktop search
tools in Windows desktop search tools. From the
conclusion, MSN Desktop Search comes out on top at the reviewers personal favorite, though anyone
interested in web history search needs is pointed at Google Desktop.

What I believe are scores on a 0-10 scale are also given for each service within an Ars Technica Tested logo. The ratings from those work out like this:

  • MSN: 9

  • Copernic: 9

  • Google: 8

  • Yahoo: 7

  • Ask: 5

Postscript: Another article the reviews the desktop search offerings from MSN, Google, and Yahoo was just posted from Forbes web site. The verdict? According to the article, “MSN desktop search beats its competitors hands down…”

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