NY Governor Candidate Spitzer Targets Google Ads Against Prosecution Victim

New York gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer is apparently targeting campaign ads on Google to the name of one of his prosecution targets. Spitzer, currently New York’s
attorney general, has ads showing up when people search for AIG — the acronym of insurance company American International Group. More details from Reuters in
NY’s Spitzer Gubernatorial Campaign Goes to Google

Google’s policies allow for terms that are also trademarks to be targeted with ads as long as the trademark isn’t used in ad copy. Spitzer’s ads apparently didn’t do that,
saying only "Spritzer for NY Governor." When I run that query now, I also don’t see the ads at all. However, it was
interesting to see a New York Times ad targeting the word:


Insurer Admits Bad Accounting
Read this article at NYTimes.com

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