Newspapers Branding Their Own RSS Tools

It seems like everyone wants something to do with RSS these days. A Wired News article talks about several newspapers preparing to launch their own branded RSS/feed aggregators and then bundling individual feeds (from disparate sources) into various topics that users can choose from.

Yes, you can do this by creating keyword searches with one of a number of feed engines like Technorati, Feedster and Pubsub. However, is this easy enough for the non-tech crowd or for that matter, do they even understand what an aggregator/feeds could offer them?
This point is made in the following passage. As you now see, I think it’s a good one.

Gil Asakawa, executive producer of, said the newspaper is developing its own newsreader software to make stories syndicated through RSS more accessible to average readers.

Whereas newsreaders require users to build news libraries by locating an RSS feed from each website they want to follow, News Hound will bundle several news feeds organized into categories. “The consumer benefit is that not all newspaper readers are early adopters,” Asakawa said. “We want to make RSS available to people that are not technically savvy.”

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