Searching Books at Google; Comparing Coverage with Amazon’s Search Inside the Book

For several weeks I’ve noticed that using the trigger word “books” or “book” in a Google search always included a OneBox with results from the Google Print program. Today, P.L. points out that Google has now made this search option official with the addition of it to the Google Web Search Features page. Here are a few examples:

+ Books Dallas Cowboys
+ Books Geoege Bush
+ Books Google

I was unable (in my test, your results may vary) to find a Google OneBox that offered more than three book titles. As you also know, each publisher decides how much text from each book a user can view duing a search session.

For the fun of it, I conducted a few random searches to see if some Google Print material was also available from Amazon’s Search Inside the Book. I also found a few items from the database and then did a search for them at Google.

Google Search: Books iPod
The Ipod Companion
Also SITB at

Ipod and Itunes Hacks
No Amazon

How to Do Everything With Your Ipod
Also SITB at

Google Search: Books Chicago
+ Chicago’s Mansions
Also SITB at

+ History of the Development of Building
Also SITB at

+ Chicago Blues – by Mike Rowe
Also SITB at

Google Search: Books Pope John Paul II

+ Pope John Paul II
Also SITB at

+ Witness to Hope
Also SITB at

+ John Paul II
Also SITB at

Google Search
Books Science Fair Projects

+ The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Science Fair
Also SITB at

+ Guides to Collection Development for Children

+ Resources for Teaching Middle School Science
“Look Inside the Book” only (all titles available via Search Inside the Book)
+ The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed.
Not found via Google Print

+ The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Revised and Updated for the 21st Century)
Not found via Google Print

+ The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook : A Guide for the Serious Searcher
Not found via Google Print

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