Kayak Launches Self-Serve Ad Product; Priceline Releases Travel Search Tool

The only area that might be as hot as mobile search these days is travel search. How about a “mobile” travel search tool (that would also allow you to tag your results)? That would sure have some good mojo. (-:

When Danny blogged about Kayak.com coming out of beta in February he mentioned that the travel search engine would also launch a paid listings program. As of this morning Kayak’s new self-serve advertising service is up and running. This Reuters story has more about the patent-pending technology that Kayak.com is using.

From Reuters:

Paid-search advertisers could use the company’s new self-service tool to concentrate their spending on dates when they have empty rooms in certain hotel properties, or to promote flights between certain cities on specific dates, said Steve Hafner, Kayak’s co-founder and chief executive. The ads will be shown to consumers whose travel search queries meet the criteria defined by the advertiser — potentially resulting in better-targeted ads for price-conscious travelers.

Also on the travel search docket today is news that Priceline.com is launching a travel search engine that will scour fares, hotel room rates, etc. from Priceline partners. This is in addition to Priceline’s well-known Name Your Own Price feature. More in this Dow Jones story and this news release.

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