Australia: Enhancements in the Works at Sensis

Several sources including ZDNet Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald have articles about some enhancements coming to Australian web search engine, Sensis, by the end of this month. What’s up with Sensis?

+ Larger Index (20% bigger) with a focus on Australian content

“We are not going out with big banners saying we are the best search engine,” he [Henry Ruiz, senior producer at Sensis] told ZDNet Australia. “But we do want to be the best place for Australians to search within Australia”.

+ Working with Australian universities to crawl material
+ Making deals to crawl hidden Australian content
+ New user interface. The two search boxes now visible will be reduced to a single search box
+ Integrating proprietary content from other Sensis site including advertising from the Trading Post.

Media analysts suggest that Sensis could also be interested in expanding its classifieds database even further by acquiring a newspaper group such as Fairfax or News Corp’s papers, if cross-media ownership laws are relaxed.

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