Real Time Traffic Alerts via SMS

With another round of new SMS (text messaging)and mobile web search news going on this week, I want to mention another in a growing list SMS-based services for mobile web users. No, it doesn’t come from Google or Yahoo. It’s an SMS alert service from MSN.

In many metropolitan areas, traffic an all to frequent headache (one that comes on each day here in DC). MSN Autos offers real-time traffic alerts delivered via SMS. You’ll need to have a .net passport to set up your alerts (free). The alerts are also free but don’t forget that you might be charged for text messages by your cell phone provider. If you don’t have SMS access you can also have alerts sent via e-mail.

Real-Time traffic alerts are available for more than 65 metropolitan areas in the United States. After selecting an area you’re able to easily narrow your alerts to selected parts of the metro region. For example, here in DC I can get select alerts for various parts of the city and many suburban areas. You can also limit by “incident severity” and have alerts sent only during certain parts of the day.

Drive safely!

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