Largest U.S. Corporations: Where Do Google and Yahoo Rank?

The 2005 Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 rankings of America’s largest corporations (ranked on revenues) have just been released. Most of the material is only available to Fortune subscribers but since I’ve access I was interested to see where two of the companies that we’re always discussing rank. Yes, I’m talking about Google and Yahoo. Here’s what I learned.

Neither company made the Fortune 500 (Microsoft does at #41) but both are found on the list of the Top 1000 companies. Yahoo is ranked at #502 and Google is found at #541 (based on revenues).

More about Yahoo and Google (based on Fortune research):
+ Both companies are part of Fortune’s “Computer and Data Services industry” category of 20 companies. In the category, Yahoo ranks at #8 while Google comes in at #12 based on revenues.

Other companies in this category include:
+ EDS (#1)
+ Affiliated Computer Services (#7)
+ SunGard Data Systems (#9)
+ eBay (#12)
+ Sabre Holdings (#14)
+ Earthlink (#20)
+ D&B (#19)

$3.575 Billion in Revenues
Up 120% from 2003

$840 Million in Profits
Up 253% from 2003
Yahoo ranks #3 for profits in the “Computer and Data Services” category.

$3.189 Billion in Revenues
Up 118% from 2003

$399 Million in Profits
Up 278% from 2003
Google ranks #8 for profits in the “Computer and Data Services” category.

Note for Researchers:
I like business lists and rankings. In fact, I like them so much that about eight years ago I started a compilation of links to web accessible lists called Price’s List of Lists. The site is still online and being managed by my friend Trip Wyckoff.

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