Overture Becomes Yahoo Search Marketing & Comparing Listing Products At Yahoo To Google

The rebranding promised in March has happened. Overture has officially become Yahoo Search Marketing,
marked by the launch of a new Yahoo Search Marketing site that lists all of Yahoo’s search-related listing products.

It’s a good change that ought to help new advertisers. Rather than having to explain that they need to buy "Overture" to be on Yahoo, Yahoo can now direct them to a site
that retains its branding.

But with rebranding can come confusion, so I thought it would be helpful to look at all the products listed at the new site and also compare them to Google products. In
particular, an email I got from a reader prompted the idea:

I am trying to find the "comparable" Yahoo program to Google AdWords. Since their rebranding of Overture last week, I’m still looking unsuccessfully for something like
Precision Match, but it looks as if the program has been axed?

We’ve been using Google AdWords since it launched and are very happy with the format and back office (most of all the results). Is Yahoo offering a similar program?
Honestly, I’ve read about their "Sponsored Search" and it’s simply not obvious.

Meanwhile at our Search Engine Watch forums, a thread on the rebranding shows similar

I thought Overture was being renamed to Yahoo Search Marketing, but this page boasts a range of products, including Shopping, Travel, Directory, PPI & Overture (sponsored

The chart below gives you a side-by-side look at all the products listed on the new Yahoo site, along with some other listings areas that I thought made sense to add. If
you’re a Search Engine Watch member,
see this extended post that provides commentary and additional advice and information
about each listing area.

Listing Type Yahoo Google
Web Search
Submit Your Site
Add Your URL
To Google
Web Search
Paid Inclusion
Search Submit Express &
Search Submit Pro
(but advertisers can get listing support)
Search Ads
(Paid Placement)
(search targeted)
Contextual Ads Content
(content-targeted; AdSense is name for
PUBLISHER program)
Shopping Listings Product
Froogle Feed
Travel Listings Travel Submit n/a
Directory Listings Directory Submit ODP Submit
Local Search Ads Local Sponsored Search AdWords Regional & Local Targeting
Local Search Listings Local Enhanced Listings &
Local Listings (free)
Google Local Business Center
News Listings Yahoo News Submissions Google News
Source Suggestion

Want to discuss the change from Overture to Yahoo? Visit our forum thread, Yahoo! Search
Marketing is Released
. Also check out Yahoo To Buy Overture for background on Yahoo buying
Overture back in 2003, GoTo Makes Overture To New Name for the last rebranding Overture went through,
that of losing it original name of GoTo back in 2001 and GoTo Sells Positions, about GoTo’s launch in

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