TiVo Talks to Google and Yahoo

Can you name another service that here in America that has become a verb as quickly as Google has? I can, it’s TiVo.

Stefanie Olson and Richard Shim at News.com report in TiVo courts search giants that unnamed sources are saying that the digital video recording company is in talks with both Yahoo and Google about some type of partnership. Another source says that TiVo is also talking to both companies about a possible equity investment. No one from TiVo, Google, or Yahoo would comment on the story. Stay tuned. (-:

Last month, TiVo announced a major partnership with Comcast (a major cable tv company in the U.S.), that will allow
Comcast customers that opportunity to use TiVo services.

“…a TiVo deal might allow Google or Yahoo users to find video files on the Web and then watch them on their televisions. Web surfers might provide some personal information, including their TiVo serial box number, in order to download video directly to their TiVo box. A credit card number might also be required, if the video had an associated fee. TiVo would collect a share of the fees from either customer payment or from advertising-supported video.”

On a related note (in the sense that it involves video) is news that Sony Pictures Entertainment will announce that they will soon begin building a digital library of its film content.

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