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Last Monday, Chris provided a great overview about the new shopping research engine, Become.Com.

Today, both the E-Commerce Times and the San Jose Business Journal have articles about the new search vertical. co-founder Yeogirl Yun is 100% correct when he tells E-Commerce Times that a major challenge for his company will be getting people to change their search behavior and try something new. Changing behavior is a huge undertaking and I believe not only involves developing great technology but also involves marketing (people can’t use what they don’t know about) and user education. An ad saying “come use xxx search” is one thing but these days you also need to tell people why they should use it (with practical and specific examples) and how to take full advantage of what the technology has to offer. A little (and I mean little) education can go far. Yes, easier said than done, but nobody said it would be easy.
One commodity many verticals can provide, IF the user knows about the engine in the first place, is saving people time by offering more precise results. This is good news for verticals since time is a commodity people want more of.

Finally, E-Commerce Times notes that another new shopping vertical from four former Ask Jeeves employees will officially launch soon. The engine is called and a beta version is now live at

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