MSN Surveys Web Searchers

While perusing the Sympatico/ home page this afternoon I noticed a link to a 19 question “search survey” that MSN is asking users to complete. Here are a couple of questions:

+ If you had to find something out, what would you do to get the answer most quickly”
Note: The librarian in me was sad to see that library, librarian, or independent info pro was not enumerated as choice. )-:

+ “When you buy a new electrical or electronic appliance do you…”

+ When you are driving how often would you say you get lost?

+ When you do ?get lost? online, on average how long before you find what you are looking for?

+ If you do ever give up internet searches, what is the main reason?

The link to the site I found includes “CA” (for Canada) in the url. I also noticed that the url works if you replace the CA with US or UK which means it’s likely that MSN is surveying searchers around the globe. However, I was unable to find a link to the survey on the U.S. or UK MSN home pages. I didn’t check every country code but noticed that the survey is also available in Spanish if you use MX (Mexico) in the url.

Postscript: eltelendro tells SEW that he was asked to complete the survey via msn messenger. Here’s a screenshot.

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