Podscope Beta Now Available, Keyword Search Podcasts

Podscope, the new web engine that allows you to keyword search each and every word spoken in a podcast is now live in beta mode. We first reported that Podscope was coming about a week ago.

At the moment Podscope is searching podcasts from a database of 1000 sites. The page to submit your url is now offline but look for it to return soon.

The interface consists of a single search box. Enter your query and click search. Results are sorted by relevance but can also be sorted by date.

Listening to your results is easy. Simply click the + sign next to each title. At this point you should see two buttons (one red, one green). Click the green button to hear your search terms. The time listed is the precise moment when your keywords were spoken. You’ll also find buttons to go to the podcast’s home page and link to the podcast’s feed.

Results pages also carry Google ads and yes, of course, they have a blog.

Podscope is a free service provided by TVEyes, a company that offers a fee-based database where you can keyword search and then watch television broadcasts from 75 stations in six countries. Keyword alerts too!

You can expect some TVEyes content to soon (no date at the moment) be available via Yahoo Video Search. The companies announced a deal in January.

Other multimedia search tools are listed in this post. A few other resources that offer podcast (non-keyword) searching here.

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