Dissecting Yahoo Search Redirection Codes

Last year, I did a breakdown for Search Engine Watch
members of what all those parameters mean that are embedded within a Yahoo redirection string. Huh? When you
click on a listing at Yahoo, you’re actually redirected through Yahoo’s own servers and certain information embedded in the redirection URL is recorded. Nacho Hernandez spots
some new one ones since I wrote about this last year and tries his own dissection in Stripping out the Guts of a
Yahoo! Search URL
at Search Engine Roundtable. Ideally, no one would have to dissect at all — Yahoo would just explain what the codes mean. I asked last year, but no one
ever got back on that particular question :). OK, I’ll be asking again. Meanwhile, want to discuss or contribute? Visit our forum thread,
Defining the Yahoo! Search URL Parameters.

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