SEO Criminals

I mentioned the Search Champs are meeting again up at Microsoft. Spotted
via Threadwatch, one champ Mary Hodder takes a swing at
the SEM people invited:

There are about six search engine optimization people here. Kind of like being at the FBI and having criminals helping out in the room.

My previous post broke down the SEM people involved. Greg Boser and Todd Freisen both proudly wear black
hats in the work they do at times and will happily explain to anyone — and convincingly so — why the search engines themselves can be the criminals at times, with the SEMs
being the FBI that catches them out.

But c’mon — Shari Thurow as a criminal? She’s about as white hat as they come. Hopefully she’ll end up sitting next to Hodder and help her understand that tarring the
entire industry as criminal isn’t very helpful.

By the way, those criminals are the ones funding the little gathering up there. That’s because they buy plenty of the ads that appear on MSN. So if it’s FBI and criminals,
also be aware that the FBI has no problem working right alongside those criminals and cashing their checks.

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