GoogSpy For Seeing Who’s Buying Whom On Google

On a constant lookout to find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on at Google? GoogeSpy is a new, free, web-based tool
that aims to help.

From the launch press release, the tool apparently scrapes 500,000 search results per day from Google and
loads them into the database. The database is currently tracking more than 187,000 search terms.

Using GoogSpy is easy and results pages contain plenty of interesting info. For example, a search for "Ford
offers a results page with two choices, either Ford Motor Company or Ford Motor Credit. After clicking Ford Motor Company, the results page shows that and have purchased the term.

Here’s another example. A search for my name shows that and Clusty have purchased my name. The
results page also shows "other terms" these companies use and a list of the top organic results for the search term along with the pages PageRank.

It’s also possible to browse by company and/or browse by
search term.

Have fun and don’t stay up too late! And check it out fast. With a logo similar to Google’s, it wouldn’t be surprising if the GooglePlex sends a cease-and-desist order

Aside from that, if the tool is really scraping data rather than gathering it through an API system, then it probably violates Google’s terms of service and may find itself

Postscript: GoogSpy has updated their numbers. The service is now tracking 486,366 keywords or more than 5.6 million earch results.

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