New Blog Buzz from BlogPulse; Database Now Tracking More than 10 Million Blogs

Those of you who track blogosphere buzz might be interested to learn that BlogPulse (from Intelliseek) has released some new stats today.

Fast Facts:
+ Yahoo! and NY Times remain top sources cited by bloggers. The San Francisco Chronicle and are now found on the list of top cited sources.
++ Most Cited Blogs
1) Boing Boing
2) (up from No. 13 in 2004)
++ Other Big Movers on the Most Cited List (No. 23 to No. 7) (No. 17 to No. 8)

BlogPulse also announced that their now tracking more than 10 million blogs. That’s about 700,000 more blogs than were being tracked just two months ago. I hope that in their next release BlogPulse will provide more info about these numbers. For example:
+ What criteria do they use to determine what is and is not a blog?
+ How many of the 10 million blogs are being updated on a regular (let’s say weekly) basis? How many haven’t been updated in a month or more? Do blogs that are remain online but haven’t been updated count in the total?
+ How many are “ad blogs” or simply republish news headlines from one or more news aggregators onto a page and then surround the headlines with ads?
+ How many have RSS feeds? How many don’t?

Just how large is 10 million blogs?
Here are a few ways to think of the number.

+ There are more blogs (about 1 million more) than people living in the metropolitan Chicago (about 9 million people).
+ There are about the same number of blogs as people living in the combined metro areas of San Francisco, Boston, and Orlando.
+ Finally 10 million blogs also means that there are about 2.5 million more blogs than people living in London (7.6 million). Numbers cited come from The World Almanac 2005.

Postscript: This post from the Blogpulse blog has the answers to a couple of the questions I posed earlier.

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