Yahoo “Think Big” Contest Giving Away 10 Million Ads

Yahoo’s launched a new "Think Big" contest that will give a small business 10 million ad impressions across its ad network.

How to enter and win? First, you need to be a small business in the United States that meets these
criteria — and there are a lot of them, so read

Find yourself a match? Then sit down and write in 500 words or less why your business would benefit from winning, which you can submit

You’ll need to get through two initial rounds of judging, as described in the rules. Five finalists will be judged by Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group (and
who runs my favorite airline, Virgin Atlantic. But ironically, his Virgin internet access service in the UK is partnered with Google).

Impress Sir Richard, and you could win the prize, which breaks down into:

  • 8 million Yahoo Sponsored Search impressions
  • 2 million banner ad impressions on Yahoo

Yahoo may also provide inclusion within Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Local depending on the type of business that wins. To learn more, visit the
Think Big web site. Want to discuss? Join our forum thread,
Yahoo! Think Big Contest.

So how’s it work if you win? Will people pick whatever terms they want and then be guaranteed a top placement for all those words? Will
they always be top or just visible on the page? I sent these questions on to Yahoo, which responded:

The winner will work with an account manager to develop and execute a paid search plan that best meets their needs. This will include the selection of keywords, writing
title and descriptions and selecting the appropriate landing pages. The placement will vary based on the keyword so as to optimize yield.

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