Google Logo-Snubs England (& The US, California, …)

The Register is mildly up in arms that Google failed to do a special logo for England’s national day, St. George’s Day, last month:
Google in St George snub outrage.

To be fair, half of England seems to ignore the day itself. I took the boys up to nearby Salisbury where the promised festivities were less than thrilling — though what
was billed as the largest St. George’s flag in England was hanging off the Salisbury Guildhall.

The Register’s outrage isn’t dimmed by the email it reprints from Google pledging to respect the diversity of users by perhaps rotating in a logo in the future.

For the record, Google did do a St. George’s Day logo last year and in
2002. In fact, that’s twice more than US-based Google has ever done a special logo for the national holiday of the
United States, the Fourth Of July, from what I can see when viewing the Google logo archive.

In fact, while I proudly fly my California state flag outside the house every September 9th in honor of

California’s Admission Day
— California-based Google continues to snub the great state of my birth.

Perhaps one solution might be to let Google’s country-specific web sites ease the burden. Google’s UK web site could easily carry a St. George’s logo every year — along
with logos for other events in the United Kingdom.

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