Snap to the News

Searchblog turns us on to a new site for news search called It could also be called Snap News Search (beta). Yes, is now offering a news search tool that allows you to use their technology to search and dynamically modify your result sets from disparate news sources. Overall, an impressive start!

Snap News Search offers the user to dynamically modify their results with words in the title/headline, date and time (something we don’t see elsewhere), and source.

Results pages contain two windows. One pane contains a list of results. Another window offers you the option to read the lead of the story and see a live image of the page as you browse the results list. Clicking the page image delivers the complete article. A third click opens the article in a new browser window.

Since Snap is into full disclosure it would be great if they could provide a list of all of the news sites they’re crawling.

Postscript: G.L. points out a SiliconBeat post where Mike notes that NewsFilter is not using their own crawl of news sites but rather a feed from Moreover.

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