Google Faces Customer Satisfaction & Advertiser Trust Issues

biting the hand that feeds it?
from CNN Money shows Google slipping in some
aspects of customer satisfaction among advertisers. An annual survey of 200 ad
executives about customer happiness showed that Google rose overall from seventh
place last year to fifth place this year. However, it had a dramatic drop from
11th to 18th in the "responsiveness and accessibility" subcategory. The story
then goes beyond the report to survey several advertisers not happy about other
issues. One big gripe? Google bigfooting search marketers by trying to grab
accounts away from them. Some past reading related to this issue, for Google and

By the way, Yahoo comes out better than Google in the survey, ranked second
overall and seventh in the responsiveness subcategory. AOL comes behind Google,
ranked 14th and 21st, respectively. MSN is further behind, 19th and 43rd. Ask is
also behind, ranked 20th and 27th.

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