Setting A Date For Search Marketing Day

I’m currently in Toronto for our Search Engine Strategies show here and was
at dinner with a number of other marketers last night. Everyone’s tired. As
usual, search continues to advance at a frantic pace. What we’d all like is a
day off — a truce, a period of no announcements, changes or major news. A

Talking more, everyone decided that we’re over due to have Search Marketing
Day. The idea behind it is that on that day, search marketers have some time
off. Spend it with your family, friends, pets — whatever, just have time off to
celebrate being involved in a great industry.

Everyone was happy with the suggestion by marketer Laura Thieme that June 21
should be Search Marketing Day. She likes it because it is her birthday — but
it’s also often the date of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.
What better time to take a day off than the longest day?

The only problem is that this year, WebmasterWorld has a big event that
begins that day. So declaring a day off doesn’t work well for that same day.

So what do you think for alternatives? Please come discuss in a new forum
thread I’ve started,
What Date
For Search Marketing Day?

I like July 15 as a middle of the year type of date. But maybe every first
Monday of June should be the day? Third Wednesday of August. Come over and
discuss when you think the date for Search Marketing Day should be set, plus
suggestions on how it should be celebrated beyond taking time off.

I can tell you that whenever it’s set, we’ll be pushing for Google and any
other search engine that does special logos for holidays to do one for the
inaugural Search Marketing Day.

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