NewsNow Passes the 20,000 Sources Mark

A quick tip of my virtual cap to one of my favorite web-based and free news aggregators as it hits a noteworthy milestone today.

NewsNow, based in London UK, is now aggregating content from more than 20,000 sources. Wow! NewsNow offers access to material from both mainstream news sources and the blogosphere.

The service is not very searchable (NewsNow is a showcase for the company’s fee-based offerings that provide more searchability) but as a browsing tool (yes, serendipity still can work) it’s very useful.

NewsNow offers numerous pages that bring together news on various topics. Here’s a page that offers Information Technology news. Pages also autorefresh every five minutes. NewsNow is also international in scope and next to every headline you’ll spot a flag that shows what country the source is located in. If you’re an out of your mind news geek, this page offers a continuously updated look at all new content as it hits the database.

Is NewsNow the only news tool you need? Of course, not. However, it’s still a valuable service and one more than deserving of your attention.

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