New Content Added to Yahoo Video Database

Yahoo has just added a bunch of new content to their video search database as Yahoo Video Search leaves beta and moves to version 1.0. Material comes from a variety of new content partners.

What’s New?

Content from:
+ Bloomberg Business Television
Here, Yahoo Video will allow you to keyword search every word spoken during Bloomberg Television broadcasts. This could be a great tool for the business researcher. You’re actually searching both the closed-captioning and metadata associated with each segment. Material from Bloomberg comes via a deal Yahoo announced with TVEyes. Yes, they’re the same company that just launched the Podscope search engine that allows you to keyword search podcasts.

Btw, to limit your search to only Bloomberg content, use the syntax along with your search terms in the query string.

When you search material from the following new Yahoo Video content providers, you’ll be searching metadata associated with each video file.
+ Discovery Channel
+ Reuters
+ Home & Garden Television
+ The Food Network
+ VH1
+ Moving Image Archive (via the The Internet Archive)
The Prelinger Archives is part of what Yahoo is indexing. Great Stuff!

Material from these content partners will be comingled with other material in the Yahoo Video database. This “other” material comes from other content partners and Yahoo’s crawl of “open web” video files. When Yahoo launched Yahoo Video last December they also released Media RSS, an “enclosure” that any content producer can include in the metadata of their media files when submitting them to Yahoo.

As I mentioned the other day, BlinkxTV and Google Video also provide searchable access to video material including content from some of the same sources that Yahoo is now providing access to.

Unlike Google Video, Yahoo Video allows you to search and then view the full motion video online. At the present time, Google Video only provides thumbnail images of video content. BlinkxTV also offers the ability to search and view full-motion video online. More about video search in this article by Stefanie Olsen.

Want more video search tools to demo? Check this post.

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