Reports from SES Toronto: Day One

If you’re interested in learning about what’s being said at SES Toronto, ace reporter Barry Schwartz (aka RustyBrick) has posted reports from 5 sessions that took place on Wednesday.

+ Cleaning Up Spam & Other Messes

+ Organic Listings Forum

+ Buying Search Engine Advertising

+ Balancing Paid & Organic Listings

+ Link Strategies 2005

Finally, in the article: Google’s Golden Triangle, Sean Michael Kerner offers highlights from panel the featured Gord Hotchkiss from Equiro, and Debbie Jaffe, product marketing manager at Google. Hotchkiss talked about the results of an eye-tracking study.

Just like the famed Bermuda Triangle that traps wayward travelers, there is a “golden triangle” on Google that “traps” users’ eyeballs. The golden triangle is a triangle-shaped viewing pattern that reaches out from the top left of the search results page…Jaffe agreed with Hotchkiss’ findings for the most part. But she added that the golden triangle, in terms of clicks at least, is more focused specifically on the top organic results as opposed to the whole top-left corner.

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