Syndic8 Gets Outed for Spamming

Remember the WordPress spamming search engines story (some might use stronger terms) from a few weeks ago? Via Google Blogoscoped we read that RSS directory Syndic8 is now being dinged for doing something similar.

Charles Coxhead and Andy Baio say RSS directory are using sub-domains with ?junk articles? which serve no other purpose than to lure searchers to their Google ads. As opposed to other similar cases, Syndic8 ? ?the place to come to find RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics? ? openly links to these sub-domains, albeit only in the footer of their homepage in small-print. is a large directory, and they could use their linking power to boost specific sites.

Postscript: I Was Really Stupid, and Greedy Too has a response/apology from Syndic8.

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