New: Visualize Yahoo Results with Grokker

One information visualization tool that’s received plenty of attention over the past few years is Groxis from Grokker.

Today, the NY Times reports that you can now use Groxis to visualize Yahoo Search results for free and WITHOUT having to download the Groxis client. If anyone is interested in checking out this new and easily accessible service, it’s me. It’s been a year or so since I used Groxis and at that point it was interesting but didn’t seem to add much value to my searching. I think it’s time to give it another look.

Until now the company has sold a $49 program for use with Windows-based and Macintosh computers. Beginning this week, the company will rely instead on revenue from advertisements placed by the Yahoo ad placement service.

The Groxis relationship with Yahoo is not exclusive, but Mr. Pittman [Groxis CEO] said Yahoo had been quicker than its competitor, Google, in creating a standard way to place relevant ads next to Grokker’s circular search result maps.

To access Grokker’s new web version, go here.

The full Grokker client software remains available for $49. Site-licensed versions for the enterprise and education communities remain available.

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Of course, Groxis isn’t the only info visualization tool out there. Here are some other resources to try:

+ NewsisFree offers News Map’s for seven news categories.

+ Amazon, Google, and LiveJournal visualization tools from TouchGraph

+ SmartMoney’s Map of the Market
A very cool and useful way of looking at stock market data. Access to some maps is free while others are fee-based.

+ Google News Map (Note: Osinga works for Google’s engineering team, and this is part of his blog)

+ Client software: Personal Brain

+ Hoover’s via anacubis
Visualize some of the business data that Hoover’s makes available for free.

You can also use anacubis to visualize Amazon and Google.

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