A Few More Web-Based Recommendation Tools

Last week Chris wrote a SearchDay article: Searching for a Mother’s Day Gift, about Yahoo’s new Shopping Gift Finder service that uses personalization technology from ChoiceStream.

If you’re interested in trying out some other recommendation tools, here are a few more choices:

+ MyBestBets
From ChoiceStream. After you complete a form (easy to change and modify), MyBestBets sends you a daily email that suggests television programs (U.S. only) that it thinks you might find worthwhile.

Note: ChoiceStream also powers a version of MyBestBets on AOL.

+ Yahoo Movie Recommendation
Just like it sounds. Also uses ChoiceStream technology.

+ MovieLens
From the GroupLens Project at the University of Minnesota. Uses collaborative filtering to provide personalized movie suggestions. This service has been available for many years.

+ Findory
Recommends news and blog postings blogosphere based on what you’ve already read. Very easy to use. Also now offering personalized web search results. Here’s an interview I did last October with Findory CEO, Greg Linden.

+ Need a Laugh?
Try Jester, an online joke recommender system.
“Jester uses a collaborative filtering algorithm called EigenTaste to recommend jokes based on your ratings of a set of sample jokes. You’ll be given a set of 15 jokes to rate. After that, Jester will begin recommending jokes to you.”

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