Clusty, Snap, and Profiled in Fortune

It’s always good to see some of the newer names in web search getting the mainstream notice that they deserve. This is the case in three recently published articles in Fortune that profile Clusty, and Snap:

I realize that Google is the search service with the greatest mindshare and using the name makes for a very noticeable headline. Nevertheless, I don’t think constantly comparing every other search tool to Google is always the best idea. Let Clusty be Clusty. Let do what they do best. The same with Snap. They all offer services that Google doesn’t. Perhaps their biggest challenge for these companies is getting the word out about what they have to offer during a time when so much of the press only wants to talk about one or two companies. Clusty offers dynamic clustering (they also license their technology it to any company that wants it), is a vertical that offers info for certain types of searches and actually works with Google. Snap offers both a unique interface and pay-for-performance ad program.

Thanks to S.C. for the news tip.

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