Yahoo More Than Search, Says CEO & New Yahoo Music Service Coming Wednesday

Globes Online, a business news site from Israel, has just posted an article that several comments comments from Yahoo CEO, Terry Semel, titled: “Yahoo is more than just a search.”

In the interview Semel says:

Google is a very good search company, and Yahoo! is also a very good search company. You musn?t forget, however, that Yahoo! is more than just search. We have many functions, and we have a great many competitors in each function and in each vertical in which we operate, whether it?s news, sports, finance, or games.?

and speaking of other Yahoo functions, numerous news organizations are reporting that Yahoo will launch its new online music service tomorrow.

The new subsciption-based service ($6.99 a month, $4.99 during beta period) named Yahoo! Music Unlimited includes lots of links to other Yahoo properties. From Yahoo to launch new flagship music service at

Yahoo also has spent considerable time building links to its other products, such as the company’s popular instant messaging application, with the aim of making community and legal music-sharing among subscribers a core part of the service…Sources say the service will also be tied into the Yahoo Messenger service, allowing subscribers to chat and share playlists with each other while they’re on the computer. Some elements of the service may be aimed particularly at teenagers, who avidly use online social tools to explore new music, with a pitch to parents indicating that Yahoo Music is a safe, legal way to share music, sources noted.

If you want to know about all of the bells and whistles, this news release has the details.

Finally, we blogged last week that Yahoo is currently developing of music search engine. We also noticed that Google registered the domain a couple of years ago. No word on what, if anything, G might be up to in this arena.

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