Podscope Expands To Audio & Video Searching

Podscope, the free search tool from TVEyes that allows you to keyword search podcasts,
is expanding to
include audio and video content from across the web. In other words, Podscope is going beyond podcasts.

Podscope will now accept submissions of both audio and video content in addition to finding that content by crawling the web. Spoken words in the content are turned into
searchable text, allowing you to go exactly to a particular segment where the words you search for were uttered. You can then watch full-motion video or listen to audio.

Google announced last month that it’s now allowing users to now
submit video and will at some point make it searchable. When? They
haven’t set a date. We also don’t know if you’ll be able to search very word spoken.

Yahoo Video crawls the web for multimedia content (along with getting material from content partners) and also allows you to submit
content. Yahoo has also developed MediaRSS to help improve overall indexing.

I think it’s worth mentioning that Yahoo has a deal with TVEyes. You can now use Yahoo Video to
keyword search and then view full motion video from Bloomberg

You’ve got to wonder if Yahoo will expand their deal with TVEyes and then provide joint access to this new database of multimedia content that they’re now building in
addition to Podscope.

In other multimedia search news, Critical Mention has announced a deal with PBS to allow fee-based keyword searching and viewing of content from the Lehrer NewsHour. More
from MediaPost: MacNeil/Lehrer Enters Revenue-Sharing Partnership With Web-Based TV
Search Company

If you don’t have a need for Critical Mention’s suite of robust services but would still like to do some basic searching and online viewing of selected content from the
Lehrer NewsHour, a free service direct from PBS is available. The archive goes back to February 2000.

Critical Mention also provides a fee-based service allowing users to keyword search words spoken from a variety of
broadcasters, along with obtaining alerts when specific words, names, etc., are spoken

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