MSN Employee Who Hacked AltaVista Pleads Guilty

A few eyebrows were raised last year when an MSN employee was accused of hacking into AltaVista. The actions happened before Laurent Chavet began working for MSN, so ideas
of corporate espionage don’t really apply. He’s now plead guilty to charges. Alta Vista hacker
pleads guilty
from the San Jose Business Journal has a few details. A US Attorney’s Office press
has more, with the charge being one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer and another count related to reckless damage. Chavet faces up to 5 years
in jail and a $250,000 fine. Sentencing will happen on Aug. 19. In a plea bargain, Chavet has apparently
agreed to pay AltaVista’s owner Yahoo $62,104 in
restitution. For more background, see our forum thread:
MSN Search Employee Arrested for Allegedly Hacking

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