Three Years Later, Google Demands Its $5

Way back in March 2002, when Google launched AdWords on a cost-per-click basis, I opened up a test
account to play with the new system. As is the case today, I had to pay $5 to activate that
account. At least, I thought I paid that. I had to chuckle when I recently got a demand from Google for this amount. Turns out, they never charged me for it.

Seriously? You’re telling me that three years later, you discovered you failed to charge me $5 and want it now? Yep. I was emailed:

We recently switched your account to a more reliable billing system. Our records show that we had never charged you initially for the $5 activation fee. Please re-submit
your billing information so that we can process this activation fee.

Yeah, let’s hope the new system is a little more reliable and doesn’t do billing three years after the fact.

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